Cellophane 'Stained Glass' Activity

Real stained glass craft is probably a bit beyond a childs craft activity, but with this suggestion, children can get some idea of what it is about.

You will need:

  • Heavy black paper or light card
  • A selection of cellophane of various colours
  • Glue and scissors
  • A short piece of string
  • Alternatively, black electrical tape or eqivalent

The simplest way to do this activity is to take the piece of black paper and fold it into quarters. Cut various shaped holes around the sides of the folded paper (snip off one corner, cut 'V' shaped holes, round holes, rectangular holes, maybe even a shape in the middle). Now open up the paper.

On the back, glue different pieces of cellophane over each of the holes. When all the holes are covered, attach a piece of string to the top so it can be hung in front of a window.

To do this activity in a way more like real stained glass is done, try cutting out geometric shapes from cellophane and tape the edges together with black tape (You may want to slice your lengths of tape in half of it is very wide).

Because the cellophane is not rigid, unlike stained glass, make a cardboard frame (which doesn't have to be square - round, triangular, star shaped or whatever). Stick the pieces of cellophane together until you can fill the frame, then glue it to the back of the frame and trim the edges if needed. Again, add a piece of string to hang it in front of a window to display your 'stained glass' craft to best effect.

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