Velcro Dot Sock Puppet

The velcro dot sock puppet provides an interesting twist on a common theme. If the kids are old enough to be involved in making it too, it should provide a lot of fun!

You will need:

  • An unwanted sock (or more than one)
  • Velcro dots
  • Felt and/or other scraps of material
  • Buttons or alternative eyes
  • Needle and thread
  • Glue
First make your basic sock puppet. Put the sock over your hand with the heel to the back of your hand. Cut a hole between your fingers and thumb for the mouth. Cut out an oval shaped piece of material from a piece of scrap material, then sew it in to fill the hole and create the mouth.

Now that you have your basic sock puppet it needs to be 'dressed'. Instead of adding things to it directly, put velcro dots on the places where parts will be added. Velcro dots can be bought from your local stationary store (an alternative but slightly more expensive would be to use domes). Fit the dots for the following places;

  • Eyes
  • Nose
  • Ears
  • Tongue
  • Hair
In addition you could use a velcro strip down the back for a mane (e.g for a horse) or spikes (for a dragon or dinosaur).

Now you need to make a variety of parts for the kids to use to adorn their sock puppet, each with a velcro dot attached. Felt or material could be used for any of the parts, as could cardboard (appropriately decorated). Here are a few ideas on variations to get you started:

  • Eyes: Buttons would do as eyes, or you could also buy eyes from a craft store if you wanted. If made out of felt, material or cardboard, try different shapes (round pupils, cats eye pupils, round eyes or slanted eyes), and different colours.
  • Ears: If you want rigid ears, either just use cardboard or cut out two layers of material and either sew then together around a piece of cardboard, or just glue them to the cardboard.
  • Tongue: Try a forked or round tongue, which could be long enough to protrude, or short enough to be contained inside the mouth.
  • Nose: As well as a simple nose, you could also have a combined nose and moustache
  • Hair: Possible materials to make it out of would include wool (loose or plaited), a goldilocks (the brass scouring pads for cleaning pots), some sorts of lichen, or fur. Alternatively you could just have a hat of some sort.
Once you or your children have made all the parts, find a box or other container to keep them all in.

Now you can have them either free play making various sock puppets, or get them to also think up a story they can portray with their sock puppets.

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