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Looking for a recipe for kids? You're in the right place!. Whether you want recipes for crafts (like playdough), you want your kids to cook or bake as a craft (even boys need to eat :-) ), or you want recipes for foods kids will love, get it all here.

Actually we have found the kids love spending time with mum (or dad) at the kitchen bench making things (yes, including messes!). Sometimes its just helping with dinner, or sometimes our daughter decides there is a cake, biscuit or pudding she really wants - so she'd like to just make it herself thanks mum!

Have browse through the recipes for kids below and see what you think.

Recipes for crafting

Playdough Recipe
Paper Mache Recipe
Invisible Ink

Recipes for kids to bake and cook

Chocolate chip cookies
Chocolate Crackles
Chocolate Fudge Balls
Fairy Bread
Marshmellow Recipe
Pizza dough recipe (make your own Pizzas!)
Rice Bubble Slice

Other Useful Resources

E-Cookbooks Library While these are not specifically recipes for children, you are sure to find something useful as a recipe for kids in a library of over 100 cookbooks. Yes you read that right - not 100 recipes, but access to over 100 BOOKS of recipes, along with over 125 instructional videos by professional chefs, and more. What you also won't believe is the price (less than what you could pay for a single paper book) - for lifetime membership, with new titles added each month!

Kids Craft Recipe Factory A site that has hundereds of craft recipes for kids. Categories include doughs and clays, things to draw with, paint, ink, dyes and collage art, glues and pastes, bubbles, and much more

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