Parachute Toy

I remember one year at school when making a parachute toy was a real fad for while. The school I went to had two adjacent playing fields one of which was much higher than the other. We had great fun tossing these parachutes over the fence and trying to race down the steps to beat them to the bottom. See if your kids can have as much fun :)

You will need:

  • A piece of material, big enough to cut out a 30 cm (12 inches) circle, and not too heavy. (cotton is fine, denim not so good)
  • 6 - 8 lengths of string, about 45cm long
  • a small stone or other weight
  • scissors
Cut out a circular shape from your piece of material. The size is not too critical, but a diameter of around 20 - 30 cm works well (8 - 12 inches).

Make 6 - 8 small holes evenly spaced around the outside edge of the material. Tie one end of the lengths of string into the holes. Hold the piece of material in the centre of the circle and let it hang down. Now hold the strings together and tie them in a knot at the bottom.

Finally attach the stone or other weight to the bottom. You could try tying it in when you tie all the strings together, but it is easier to tie another piece of string around the weight first, then tie it onto the knot at the bottom of your parachute.

To use
If you have an elevated spot to drop them from that is great but they also work fine if you pinch them in the middle of the parachute, spin them around and toss them into the air.

One word of caution with the parachute toy - please, please, please make sure you tie on the weights securely - I dont want emails from irate parents complaing about broken windows or children with perforated foreheads. Enjoy your parachute toys in safety :-)

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