Make an Origami Hat

Here I intend to collect origami hat ideas. Just one for now, but I'll see what I can add in the future.

Having sat down to work out how I used to make these origami hats, my daughter had a ball with the idea. Within a short while we had a dozen hats made and she was trying to sell them off to us at 5 cents each. Looks like we have a budding entrepreneur on our hands :-).

For an origami pirate hat you will need:

  • One largish piece of paper
  • Celloptape may be useful
  • Black felt pen


Origami pirate hat instructions

Step 1. Fold the piece of paper in half, so you have a rectangular piece of paper with the long folded edge at the top.

Step 2. Fold in the corners as in the diagram so the edges meet to form two triangles

Step 3. Fold up the bottom edge of the paper so it meets the bottom edge of the two triangles.

Step 4. Fold up the bottom edge again, with the fold line running along the bottom edge of the triangles.

Notes: You may find it helpful to use a little cellotape to keep it together (small children aren't noted for gentle use of hats :-) ). Use the felt to draw a skull and crossbones if you want to make a more effective origami pirate hat - or just the crossbones if you are not up to skulls.

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