Napkin Ring

A napkin ring is a great idea to go along with the placemat craft, and it never hurts to have a few napkins around when the children are eating does it?

Things you will need

  • Cardboard tube (off a roll of gladwrap or tinfoil for example)

  • Chocolate foil wrappers (or any other decoration)

  • Glue

Cut the tube into 3cm lengths (thats a little over 1 inch). Glue the wrappers onto the rings for decoration. To make even more interesting nakpin rings is just a case of looking around for other things you can use to decorate them. We had some glittery string that we tied in a bow on them, or you could try wrapping paper saved from past presents (you do save your wrapping paper don't you?...oh well, if you don't, remember its free craft material you are throwing away :) ). Ribbons (in a bow), crete paper, or cellophane could be used. For the boys, try making a napkin ring that looks like a tyre. Cut strips of paper the same width as the rings and decorate them with a tyre tread pattern using a black felt pen, then glue them onto the rings (but watch out for drag racing on the dinner table!)