Colourful Kid Writing Paper

The colouful kid writing paper is a really effective little craft project. Never mind buying fancy paper for writing on - make your own and really brighten up your childrens notes or letters to friends. As an added bonus they don't smell too bad either :-).

You will need:

  • Shaving Cream
  • Plain Paper (1/4 A4 or Letter size works well)
  • Food Colouring / Dye
  • A flat bottomed dish
Squirt a layer of shaving cream into the flat bottomed dish. It doesn't need to be thick, just cover an area larger than the paper you are going to use. Sprinkle drops of different coloured food colouring over the foam. Try not to mix the colours unless you are deliberately trying to create a different colour by mixing them.

Next, take a fork, or knife and create swirls of colour in the foam. Once you are happy with the pattern, place a piece of your paper on the top of the foam and let it soak in a little. Remove the paper and scrape off the foam with a knife, then allow the paper to dry.

After you have done a dozen or so pieces of paper you will find you need to either add some more drops of colour, or re do your foam base from scratch.

You may want to set up a line somewhere so the kids can peg their paper out to dry. Once dry, collect the pages into a colourful kid writing paper pad.

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