What's New at Kid Craft Central

On this page I will be listing new additions and updates so if you have been here before you can quickly get to the new stuff.

March 27 2005
Hey remember me? Yeah, I'm the guy that puts content on this site and umm....I'm still here! (yay me!) finally got a spare hour to add a new page. (see the Mosaic art page). Wish me luck to see if I can get another one up soonish :-).

June 7
Hooray! Got back to the site for a bit! We bought a basic digital camera, so to start with I have updated the pom pom page with pictures and added some other ideas. Have a look here.

March 29
*sigh* not a good month this month. Since time is getting scarcer for me, I have put up a survey to find out what people most want in a kid craft site, so that the time I do put in to it is most useful to you. Only two questions to answer, and you can find it here.

Feb 17
Looks like we are on a roll this month! Added the paper mache piggy bank idea to the arts and craft for kids page

Feb 8
To continue making up for the long absence, here are two more new ideas. Have a look at the musical card idea in the fathers day craft page, and the recipe for chocolate chip cookies in the recipe section.

Feb 6 2004
Just to prove I haven't totally vanished at the end of last year there are a couple of new additions to the arts and craft page. The 'maths bingo' and 'kid card games' pages are both ready for your perusal - have fun!

Nov 24
Not so much a new idea this time, as a small bit of reference material. Get a refresher on mixing secondary colours from primary colours in the first article in the new 'Reference & Articles' section.

Nov 13
Added the paper lantern craft idea to the birthday party craft page!(okay it *could* have gone in the arts and craft page, but I figured they would make a neat party decoration too). Enjoy.

Nov 6
Ooops! One visitor kindly pointed out a missing link to me - the origami hat page. Sorry to everyone who looked for it and found it missing, but the good news is I have finally got it up. You can go directly to the origami hat page from the arts and craft for kids page, or follow the link from the child party hat page in the Birthday Party section.

Oct 30
Phew! Life is just getting busier here. Well I have managed to sneak on and get another page added - this time the 'Grass Animal Craft' idea in the arts and craft for kids page. Enjoy!

Oct 16
Yay! Finally managed to get to the site to update it. I've added the layered crayon drawing idea to the....you guessed it - arts and craft section. Okay so I need to add things to the other sections some times too :-).

Oct 7
Added the cellophane 'stained glass' activity to the arts and craft section.

Oct 1
Added the Hidden Compartment idea to the arts and craft section

Sept 30
Added the velcro dot sock puppet idea to the arts and craft section.

Sept 26
Added the alphabet letter collage idea to the arts and craft section.

Sept 24
Created the "what's new" page. Re wrote the home page to explain more of the benefits of craft activities for kids.

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