Kid Card Games

When we bought our Sonlight home schooling materials, we also bought some kid card games. However there is no reason you couldn't just make your own out of card and decorate them yourself (and make them look more interesting too). I've included some other well known games too with some of my own twists, so have some fun with these kid card game ideas, and help your kids education too!

Go A to Z

This card game really needs three players or more, but young children enjoy any time with mum (thats 'mom' for our American visitors) or dad for that matter! It is basically a variation on the 'happy families' card game.

You need a pack of 52 cards, each with a single letter of the alphabet on it. Each player is given 5 cards, the remaining cards go in a pile on their own.

The aim of the game is get pairs of cards. If any player has a pair in their hand to start with, they put down that pair. Each player in turn asks any other player for a card which matches one of the ones in their own hand. If the player being asked has the matching card, it is handed over to the requesting player, who then has another turn. A players turn ends if the card they requested is not held by the player they requeste it from, and a card is then picked up from the left over pile.

If a player has no cards left, they pick up one card from the left over pile.

To make this card game, have your kids cut out 52 cards, and write each letter of the alphabet on two cards. Get your child or children to write both a capital and a small version of the letter if you wish. Cards can also be decorated, but don't make them too distinctive on the back of the cards, or it helps players cheat.

Go blend

Same as the kid card game above, but instead with consonant blends. Players have to call out the sound of the blends to request the cards (blends like ph, ck, ing, th, sh and so on)


This is a well known card game for kids - and not a bad exercise for adults to. To make the game, make as many or as few cards as you like. Cards are made in *pairs*. To play, lay out all the cards face down. Players take turns to turn over two cards. If they are a pair, the player collects that pair and has another turn. If the pair do not match, they are both turned back over, and the turn passes to the next player

Some ideas for variations on this kid card game.

Our daughter made a version using the names of her friends. You could however use it to learn anything you want the children to be able to recognize as being the same, equivalent or paired in some way. Some suggestions

  • Pictures of musical notes on one card and the alphabetic equivalent on the pair
  • Pictures of key signatures on one card and their names on the pair
  • For older children, chemical symbols of the elements on one card, the names of the chemical on the pair
  • Pairs of words that rhyme
  • Pictures on one card, and words for those pictures on the other
  • Maths problems which have the same result e.g. a card with '4 + 5' would pair with '3 + 6'
  • Any list and a number which matches the position of an item in that list e.g. presidents of the US
  • A date paired with a historical event which occurred on that date
and so on - the variations on this list is limited only to your imagination. Let the kid card games fun commence :-).

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