Hidden Compartment

Kids love playing with secrets and this hidden compartment idea should provide a great spot for that collection of shells, pebbles, leaves, jewelry or whatever your child collects. The cutting will need to be done by an adult if you have younger children, but even the youngest will enjoy using it.

You will need

  • An old book you don't want. Hardback is best.
  • Strips of cardboard
  • Glue
  • A craft knife
  • A ruler or other straight edge
Basically we will be cutting out the middle of the book to create a hidden compartment for storage. Open the book and turn over a few pages. Use the craft knife and ruler to cut a rectangular hole out of the middle of the page. You should be able to cut through a number of pages at a time. Leave about an inch (2.5cm) or so of the page around the outside edge.

Turn over all the pages you have cut the middle out of, except the last. Use the last page you have cut as a guide to cutting through the next layer of pages.

Once you have a hole deep enough, cut strips of cardboard to line the edges of the compartment. Put a generous layer of glue on the side of the cardboard which will sit against the cut edges of the pages. This will hold the pages together when the book is opened.

Glue a few uncut pages to the bottom of the cut pages to form the bottom of the compartment.

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