Hedgehogs - suffering a great rise in popularity since the advent of Sonic. Get your kids to make their own hedgehog. An easy party idea, looks attractive - and doesn't taste too bad either :-).

You will need..
Orange(s) (or lemons, or grapefruit)
Pineapple Pieces

Cut the Orange (or whatever fruit you use) in half, and place on a plate. Cut the cheese, pineapple and dates into squares, and put a piece of each on the end of some tooth picks. Push the other end of the toothpick into the orange, like the spines on a hedgehog.

Anything you can cut into squares that is reasonably firm could be used as food on the toothpicks. For kids you could even try soft lollies (anyone for a fruitjube hedgehog?). Dates, dried PawPaw, dried mango, dried apricot, dried apple, dried...okay okay, just have a wander down the dried fruit section of your local supermarket - you get the idea.
If you want, try rolling a cone out of paper, put a couple of eyes on it in black felt, and give the hedgehog a face (just use a few toothpicks to hold it on).