Grass Animal Craft

With this animal craft idea you get an activity that carries interest for some time after the initial work.

You will need:

  • A toilet roll or equivalent tube
  • Glue
  • Cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Pen or felt
  • Grass or cress seeds
  • Cotton wool
  • Water
For this animal craft idea, the toilet roll is going to be the body of the animal (in this case a sheep). Holding the tube horizontally, make four holes in the bottom at the places where the legs will join to the body. Now roll four small tubes out of cardboard which will become the legs. Make the length of the legs a little over twice the diameter of the tube. Celloptape the foot end of each leg, then push the other end through the holes into the body.

To make the head, draw a profile of a sheep head, with a neck as long as the diameter of the tube. Now make a cut along the top of the tube at the end which will be the head. Make the cut as long as the width of the neck. Now slide the head onto the body.

Glue the cotton wool onto the body for the sheeps wool.

If you just want a sheep, you could leave it at that. To add more interest, wet the cotton wool and sprinkle the grass or cress seeds over the back of the sheep. Check the seeds each day and keep them damp. Within a week or so, you should have a very grassy looking sheep - a hair cut may be in order :-)

Variations on the grass animal craft idea You could of course use the basic animal craft idea to create any four legged animal. Just draw the appropriately shaped head, and find a covering which suits the type of animal skin. A tail could be added in the same way the head was done.

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