Try these father day craft ideas with the kids

Welcome to the father day craft page - one of our personal favourites :-). Actually its not solely because we are parents. An important part of a healthy family is respect for parents and thankfulness, so a day devoted to saying 'thanks dad' or 'thanks mum' seems a good idea to us.

Like all activities with the kids, try and make it exciting. Working together on a suprise gift for Dad is a sure way to generate some excitement with the children - and a gift that has cost the children time and effort is of far more value than something bought off the shelf. (so dads, make sure you appreciate their effort! :-) )

Okay so lets get the kids involved, put some effort in and get some good quality family time together. Here's those father day craft ideas...

Boat Craft Photo Frame
Father Day Recipe
A Musical Card for Musical Dads

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