Layered Crayon Drawing

I was testing out this layered crayon drawing idea at home and left the paper lying around. The next day I came home to find my daughter had found it and had a go herself. Guess that means it should be a fun idea to try! :-).

You will need:

  • Crayons of different colours, but including black
  • Paper
  • Blunt pointed instrument (e.g fork)

First colour an area of the page using all the colours except black. You could just do somthing as simple as stripes, or instead do some complex geometric pattern.

I found it useful to then scrape off any excess (I used a blunt knife to scrape it). Now cover the entire area with the black crayon, covering all the colour.

Next, use a fork to draw wavy patterns in the crayon. As it scrapes off the black layer, multicoloured lines are revealed.

Variations on this idea: You could also do this with paint. First paint the page with the varied colours and allow the paint to dry. Then cover the page with black paint, and draw the lines through it while the paint is still wet.

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