Craft Tree Ideas

A couple of ideas here for craft trees. Use these combined with other activities (you could add them to the garden art idea for instance) to enchance them.

Craft Tree Method One
Draw two outlines of a tree on cardboard. Cut out the shapes and colour them in. Cut one of the shapes down the middle starting from the top, down to about half way down the tree. Cut the other one from the bottom, along the center axis up to half way up the tree. Now fit the two halves together and the tree will stand on its own.

Craft Tree Method Two
Cut a piece of A4 or letter sized paper in half along the long axis of the page. Roll one half into a tube and sellotape it together in the middle of the tube and at ONE end. At the other end, make a series of cuts from the end of the tube, down to the middle. If you do them thin enough, the paper will curl (which is a good thing in this case). If the paper has not curled, curl it. Now push the inside of the tube up so the innner layers protrude above the outer layers. Voila! A many branched tree that will stand on its own.

This looks more effective with green paper, so you can either start with green paper, or dye or paint your own. Even better, you can paint the lower half of the paper brown, and the upper half green before you roll them up.

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