Get your kids to craft their own colourful child placemats

The colourful child placemats are one of a number of ideas we have for getting the kids involved in preparing for their own parties. Get them to make one for each of their friends or family who are going to be there.

Paper towels
Food colouring or non-toxic dye
Dishes to hold the dye/food colouring

Pour a little of four different coloured dyes into each of four dishes (Either a shallow cup or side plate would be fine). The food colouring can be watered down a little to make it go further. Remember also that if you have red, yellow and blue colouring, you can mix it to make any other colour you like.
Fold the paper towels into quaters. Dip each corner of the towel into a different coloured dye. Once the towels have dried, cover them with the coverseal.