Child Party Hat

There is enournous scope for variation on the theme of a child party hat, but here are some ideas to get you going.

Basic shapes:
Here's three suggestions for a basic child party hat shape.

  • Conical: you will need to cut out a shape that looks like this...

    Join the two straight edges together to make a cone shaped party hat. Failing that, try holding a piece of A4 or letter sized paper (or light cardboard) with the long edge horizontal. Hold the top left and right corners and bring then together, crossing them over until you have formed a cone shape. The point of the cone will be half way along the top edge of the paper you started with, and there will be a ^ shaped gap on one side. Make this the front of the hat and use the points at the sides as attachment points for string or elastic to hold the hat on.

  • Crown shaped: Cut a strip of light cardboard long enough to fit round the childs head and about 10 cm (4 inches) wide. Cut a broad zig zag pattern along the top edge of the cardboard. Now join the edges together to form the crown.
  • Origami Hat: See our origami hat page for an origami pirate hat.

Some decoration of the child party hats is easier to do before you fold them into shape. This can be as simple as getting the kids to paint the paper, to finding supplies of glitter, sequin, lace or stickers etc. Another possibility is to use the method outlined in kid-craft-centrals colourful kid writing paper page to colour the paper or cardboard first.

Make a great wizard hat with a conical shape and decorate using star and moon shapes drawn with glue and covered in glitter (you may also be able to buy glitter pens which contain a mix of glitter and glue). Try a dark blue or black background. (To make a wizard hat easy you can buy a nice little kit with all the necessary supplies here and have it shipped to your door.) For the crown shape, try covering it in aluminium foil before decorating.

For a more flamboyant look try this idea: Have a look at the craft tree page, then we will do a modification of it. Use a whole sheet of A4 or letter paper, either coloured, or colour it yourself. This time, cut the rolled paper 2/3rd of the way down instead of half way. Now cut the top off a conical shaped hat, leaving a hole the same diameter as your roll of 'craft tree' paper. Insert the uncut portion of the 'craft tree' into the hole and glue or cellotape it in place.

To hold the child party hats in place, staple a piece of elastic at each side of the hat, long enough to stretch under the childs chin. If you don't have elastic, staple two lengths of string, one at each side of the hat, and hold it on by tying a bow under the childs chin.

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