Ideas for a child birthday party at your fingertips

So you've got a child birthday party coming up? It doesn't seem to take long for the kids to get the idea of birthday parties does it? - and if you do have a party coming up, you are sure to be looking for ideas for a successful day. Below are links to crafts and recipes which are appropriate for childrens birthday parties. Sure, you can do all the preparation for them if you like - but it's a lot of fun if they can be involved too!

In addition to the ideas below you may be interested in having a look at these seriously fun 3D shaped box templates. Never mind wrapping presents in plain old wrapping paper - or even fancy wrapping paper. Have a look at these templates for 3D giftboxes and make your presents just that bit more unique!

Ok, it time then to roll up your sleeves, and lets get that childs party preparation underway...

Party Crafts
Child Party Hat
Colourful Child Placemats
Napkin Ring
Paper Lantern Decorations
Party Banner

Party Food Recipes
Chocolate Crackles
Jelly Boat Recipe
Traffic Light Jelly Recipe

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