Arts and Craft for Kids

On the arts and craft for kids page we have general arts and crafts ideas that don't especially fit into any of our other categories. You will find ideas suitable for children from pre school through to young teens, so there's bound to be something worth looking at here :-). If you are looking for ideas specifically tailored to preschool ages, Chris Yates has written a neat eBook called Little Kid Crafts For All Seasons which is worth having a look at (it has 200 ideas in it complete with photos), and very reasonably priced too.

So, assemble all those scissors, rolls of cellotape, bottles of glue, crayons, cardboard and felts etc, and get ready to have some art and craft fun with the kids.

Alphabet Letter Collage
Butterfly Craft
Cellophane 'Stained Glass' Activity
Coconut Picture
Colourful Kid Writing Paper
Craft Trees
Garden Art
Grass Animal Craft
Hidden Compartment
Kid Card Games
Layered Crayon Drawing
Maths Bingo
Mosaic Art
Origami Hat
Paper Mache Piggy Bank
Parachute Toy
Pom Poms
Potato Stamp
Roll On Paint
Self Portrait Collage
Spinning Top
Velcro Dot Sock Puppet

Other useful resources

101 Easy Craft Project Ideas e-book with 101 different craft projects in categories including spring projects, easter crafts, Mothers' Day and Fathers day crafts, summer, autumn and winter crafts and more.

Enchanted Learnings arts and craft for kids page While it may not look pretty this site would be hard to beat for the number of kid craft ideas it contains. Worthwhile checking out.

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