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Kid Craft Central - the solution to "Mum, I'm bored.." "I don't know what to do...". Like any parent you know what bored kids spells - trouble. But whether you are trying to find a new idea for bored children, looking for new ways to develop their creativity, enhance their self expression, fuel their imagination or just wanting ideas for a special occasion, Kid Craft Central is here to be your resource center for craft ideas to help you out.

My wife and I have three small children at present (the eldest being home schooled using the sonlight curriculum) so we know what it is like trying to find activities for children. We have also learned the value of crafting activities for the kids. Children generally have a creative urge and craft activities are an ideal outlet for that urge. Obviously the development of dexterity and co-ordination is important for young children, and crafts provide an excellent avenue for such development.

Crafting also provides opportunity to spark interests that can be developed later on in life. A child is not likely to develop skills in painting for instance unless he or she has had the opportunity to try their hand at it. Making puppets and performing puppet shows could be an introduction to theatre or story writing for example.

Crafting can also be used to develop experience with the properties and uses of a variety of materials, and the selection of suitable materials for a given purpose. If we encourage children to try and solve for themselves the challenges they face in crafting activities, we can help develop their problem solving skills. (In my experience in the work force, the most useful skill I have is the ability to tackle whatever task I have and find solutions.)

On this site we intend to gather the ideas we have found and share them with other parents around the world. It's newly established but we will be adding content regularly to build kid craft central into a resource centre that will be valuable for parents world wide.

We are currently running a survey to find out what our visitors would find most useful in a kid craft web site which you can find here. Only two questions to answer, and you can help ensure this site will be more useful to all its visitors!

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